Return of the Open House

With the surge of real estate information being readily available on the internet, hosting an open house has certainly taken a backseat. The priorities of Realtors have definitely shifted; having an online presence through social media and even a blog has now become crucial to maintaining a great reputation as an agent.

While Realtors holding open houses for listings has seen a slight decrease in the last few years, more agents are beginning to realize that they must not only take on today’s required digital persona but also juggle the traditional ways of the Realtor- such as hosting an open house to the general public. As an excellent method intended to not only market the property but also the agent as a real estate professional, the open house is making a comeback. 

Let’s look at the stats.

According to the National Association of Realtors, almost half of all home buyers attended an open house and regarded it as a crucial part of their search process. Of those attendees, 47% of them found out about the open houses online, demonstrating how important it is for Realtors to make sure that their open houses are listed somewhere on the web.

In 2013, 9% of all buyers found the home that they purchased at an open house, and 6% of all buyers and 4% of all sellers met their agent at one. If done properly, hosting an open can benefit you greatly as an agent.

Holding a successful open house.

If done correctly, the open house can not only be a great way to market your seller’s property but can also be an excellent networking tool for yourself. The biggest mistake that so many agents make is deciding to host an open house at the last minute. Start planning for your open house on Monday, not Friday, so that you have plenty of time to assess what the home needs in order to be in “open condition”. If you can, sending out a mailing announcing the details in advance can also help get the word out.

Talk to your clients about home staging.

Don’t be afraid to offer your professional opinion. It’s an important conversation to have, even if you aren’t exactly not keen on having it with your client. Some clients may find it insulting when you ask them to remove their favorite plaid recliner that one can tell has seen some definite use over the last 25 years, but it’s important to remind them that you’re on their side 100%. As a Realtor, you’ve seen what works and what doesn’t so be sure to give your clients the benefit of your experiences.

Tips: Landscaping can be a major factor; it can either get people out of their cars and into your open or it can cause them to slowly drive by, examining the home and never stopping to come in. Sometimes talking to your seller about investing a little in their exterior can go a long way.

How hosting a Broker Tour can give any Realtor an edge.

If done correctly, a Broker open can be extremely useful in piquing interest in your listing and is a great way to network with fellow agents. It may take some money to make money though- offer eats from a great local restaurant or have a plate of delicious goods from a nearby bakery.  It’s important to elevate the Broker tour from a regular open house.

Reaching out to brokers yourself instead of waiting for agents to come to you is essential. Also crucial is your knowledge of the property; since it’s your listing, you must demonstrate that you have a commanding grasp of its features.

Also, always follow up with your visitors- never be afraid to call them and answer any questions they may have. Having other Realtors tour the home can provide useful feedback when it comes to pricing and how the shows.

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