Realtor Safety 101

Recent events in the real estate community have brought to light the necessary precautions that all agents must take to protect themselves. The very recent slaying of Arkansas Realtor Beverly Carter, along with the string of thefts that have happened in Oakland County over the last few months, make it critical to remember that there are, in fact, many ways to keep yourself safe as an agent and even a few technologies that can help with that.

Any Realtor should have a couple basic guidelines to should follow when they go on every showing.  No matter who the client may be, always verify their info; making a copy of their driver’s license before showing a home is a policy of many agents already. Many also employ the buddy system; enlisting a fellow agent to accompany isn’t entirely unheard of either.

Once you enter the home, keep your cell phone in hand at all times and always keep the client insight. It may be beneficial to scope out the home real quick first in order to know the location of all possible exits.

Taking a self-defense class can leave you prepared for being in vulnerable situations frequently; enrolling in a class can be a life-saving decision. Even if you don’t have the time to take a class, consider purchasing a defense spray like Mugger Slugger; a quick spritz will incapacitate any threat you encounter and the product itself can even be attached to a key chain.

In addition, putting your technology to work for you can also be life-saving. Make sure that your phone’s Global Positioning System (GPS) is always enabled. That way, emergency services can locate you based on the position of your phone. There are also apps available for purchase, such as Guardly, that can automatically connect you to law enforcement as well as providing a real-time notification of your location to people you have designated.

If all else fails and you do have access to your phone, a dial to 911 would provide an emergency response as well. Even if you have to hang up without reporting an incident or even speaking at all, the authorities will dispatch regardless and locate you based on your phone’s GPS.

Statistics from the FBI tell us that a crime is committed every 2 seconds and recent incidents prove that protecting yourself can make all the difference. Thinking ahead and being prepared can save your life, especially when working in an industry where men and women are constantly in situations that could potentially have a very high risk.

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