Deck the Halls and Get Ready to List!

During this time of the year, all that’s going through your mind right now is decorating, planning meals and your family’s wish list. The thought of listing your house hasn’t crossed your mind since the holiday hustle and bustle started and you don’t plan on revisiting the notion until well after the New Year. Although it’s not thought of as the best time to list, putting your home on the market during the holidays can actually give you a few advantages that you won’t get any other time of year.

Since it’s not the preferred moving season, you’ll find that buyers who are shopping during the winter months tend to be a little more serious when it comes to selecting their home. January is the month in which the most work transfers occur so you’ll find that these buyers generally have a truncated shopping period and can be much more decisive since they cannot wait until for the spring market.

On another note, is there a time of year when your home looks better than it does right now? Your twinkling lights and garland wrapped around the banister makes your house feel even more like a home and can help potential buyers see it as so. Your curb appeal may be masked by the 3 inches of snow covering the ground, but it’s nothing that your outdoor holiday decorations can’t bring back.

It’s also not uncommon to have less showings that you would in the spring time, but the few buyers that will be touring your home usually are already pre-qualified and very motivated. Moreover, it is also a time when the ratio of homes sold becomes significantly higher than homes going onto the market. With that comes less competition for you and a very good possibility of multiple buyers competing for your home.

It might seem to be a daunting task to add onto your hectic to-do list but it’s never a bad time to start thinking about making a move. Depending on your home and the current market, it may very well be the perfect time for you to sell and when you list with a Real Estate One agent, you can trust them to handle the sale of your home professionally and with care so that the holidays are still your only concern this time of year.

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