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Recently you may have heard about the up and coming strategy of inbound marketing. It is a new method of social media or digital marketing by which you attract clients to your business instead of using traditional marketing to convince or “hard sell” them. When used effectively, social media allows you to instantaneously connect with potential leads and begin to build relationships within your community that will generate more business.

Real estate agents should be taking advantage of all social media platforms in today’s digital world, each has its own purpose. While Facebook is where the most people are, Instagram is the perfect platform to showcase listings and has an algorithm to provide the most traction.

With over 700 million users and 4.2 billion “likes” per month, Instagram is one of the best apps to get your listings and real estate business noticed. Instagram is both fun and beautiful, which makes it the ideal social media platform for real estate agents! Instagram for real estate agents varies from Facebook or Twitter, in that the engagement is higher and the demographic is more affluent. Getting the hang out things can take some time, but here are a few tips!

1. Instagram stories-

Use stories to share snippets of your business and life as a real estate agent. You can use this as a tool to let your personality shine through, and give an inside look at your listings or community. These stories are great because they disappear after 24 hours, they are great for giving sneak previews of your listings. These stories enhance the content you’re already posting on your page. For instance, if you shared a few teasers of your new listing, then post a short video to provide some context to attract viewers. Don’t forget to be creative with your stories!

2. Get in touch with past clients-

Ask your past clients to participate in short 10-15 second videos on what liked about working with you and your business. Don’t be shy to ask them! If they had a good experience, most people will be likely to help you.

3. Automatically share your photos on Facebook and Twitter-

Instagram lets you link your account to other social media platforms. Each time you post a photo on Instagram prompts you with options to choose which apps you want to cross-share content with. While not every photo/video you post on Instagram needs to be shared across all your social media it’s important to promote content in as many ways as possible.

4. Be cautious and conscientious with hashtags-

Use a limited amount of hashtags with your post to keep your post from not looking like spam. Especially if those hashtags are inapplicable, irrelevant, or lack traction. Having a million hashtags takes away from the post and will be off-putting to your target audience. It’s best to stick to a selective popular and relevant hashtags!

5. Be persistent-

You’re not going to generate thousands or even hundreds of followers overnight. Keep posting quality content frequently and stay interactive with your community, and over time your account will grow. If things aren’t going the way you like, get creative and switch things up, people like variety. After a while, you will learn what types of post, hashtags, and post times generates the reaction that you desire. Starting social media and Instagram may seem like a daunting task, but the more time you spend playing with it and figuring out your brand the more resourceful it will be.

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