Why We Stopped Paying Zillow For Leads

In 2017, our office was paying for leads through Zillow to help kickstart the careers of new agents. That same year, we decided to cancel our premier agent account and have been developing our own ways to generate leads for our team since then.

Why did we cancel our premier agent account with Zillow?

Funny Boy


Holy moly guacamole! The price of purchasing leads from Zillow was no joke! We were spending thousands of dollars on a small group of agents to receive a couple of leads every month.

Inaccurate data and confused people

We found that Zillow’s site promoted information that didn’t match our Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data. Zestimates were off, homes that haven’t been on the market for years were appearing as available, and properties for rent were listed for sale for under $1,000. Even the CEO of Zillow’s home sold less than what the Zestimate predicted. This left both our team and the customers confused.

Wasn’t fitting our culture and our needs

We prioritize quality client interactions, and we felt like Zillow prioritized numbers. All and all, we just decided it wasn’t for us. Our participating agents did not love the program, and we were determined to find methods our whole team could get behind.

So, now what?

After we decided to move our lead generation in-house, we shifted our focus to programs that were more our style.



Our LeadOne program team manages web leads from IDX and other online lead sources. The team constantly researches the most effective online lead sources and provides quality customer service via phone, chat, and email. In 2017, our LeadOne program generated 18,000+ inquiries.

New Websites

We spent a lot of time learning Google analytics, and from our findings, we launched completely new websites for the Real Estate One Family of Companies and our agents. The new sites are more interactive, secure, customizable, provide individual landing pages, and are backed by maximized Seach Engine Optimization (SEO). Our office staff was trained on how to effectively manage the new sites so our team of Realtors® could focus on fostering client relationships.

Internal Email Program

Our “Sneak Preview” program allows an agent to email clients and other internal agents about a property before it hits the MLS. This allows our agents to have a heads up on upcoming listings and market trends.


Videos can help your website or social media page rank higher in SEO. We offer a variety of quality videos for agent-use including housing reports, quarterly market updates, and autogenerated listing videos. Our staff also encourages agents to create their own videos and will assist with developing content, editing, and recording.

Facebook/Instagram Ad Assistance

Our marketing support team has experience in developing successful social media advertising that is focused on lead generation. From a boosted post to a full-blown Facebook/Instagram campaign, our marketing support team can help you determine the appropriate steps to take that fit your budget.

With 500+ closings in 2018 so far, we like to think our methods of lead-gen are working for us.

Want to learn more?

Email our broker, David Reese, at davidreese@realestateone.com or give us a call at 248-813-4900.

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